Company Background

The past

In the year 1928, in Rome, Michele Circi created his first blend which started ClassicoCaffeCirci on the road to become one of the most prestigious coffee houses in Italy. Celebrated for its solid tradition in the art of roasting and blending, ClassicoCaffeCirci now brings its quality three blends with perfect balance and aroma to your favorite café and restaurant.

In a recent survey,Circi coffee has been ranked highly in the world which obviously is a remarkable achievement.

The future

In 2003, the Maraventano family was given the honor of being the sole distributor of Circi coffee in the Australasia market. In a relatively short period of time we have made great inroads into the localand interstate coffee market and have proceeded to thrive and expand with extraordinary speed. In addition to our three main blends, we strive to provide other quality products to support our customers in the café and restaurant industry.

Our vision is to supply our coffee throughout the Australasian market to enable all people across our region to experience the uniqueness of our coffee.